Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling removes the top layer of the epidermis, comprising mostly old and dead cells. The new cells that form just under this top layer are then revealed and the epidermis appears at once firmer, smoother and brighter. With the help of the appropriate chemical peeling, it is possible to treat conditions such as: acne, oily skin, open pores, small scars and also skin damage caused by the sun, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Our prices

(an estimate is provided following a medical aesthetic consultation).

Chemical peeling is not covered under medical insurance.
All accounts should be settled on the day of treatment by credit card or cash.
*Medical aesthetic consultation CHF 120

Precautionary measures regarding chemical peeling

Avoid exposure to the sun for two weeks after treatment. In case of sun exposure, a high factor sun cream should be used.

Side effects

Light redness and flaking skin as well as small localised blistering can appear after treatment but subside within a few days (4-7 days).