Hyperpigmentation treatment

Peeling and cryotherapy are both effective and proven methods for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. There are several pigment-removing creams available on the market, which contain hydroquinone and vitamin C or other vegetable extracts. These can slightly improve the appearance of the skin. Nevertheless, only a dermatological treatment (peeling, cryotherapy or laser therapy) carried out by a dermatologist, can provide lasting and satisfactory results.

Our prices

(an estimate is provided following a medical aesthetic consultation).

Chemical peeling and cryotherapy for aesthetic purposes are not covered under medical insurance.
All accounts should be settled on the day of treatment by credit card or cash.
*Medical aesthetic consultation CHF 120

Precautionary measures regarding  hyperpigmentation treatment

Avoid tanning or exposure to the sun. Furthermore, during the first days following treatment, it is imperative that the treated area is not rubbed or washed with abrasive skin cleansers.

Side effects

Immediately following treatment, the treated area can become slightly swollen and sensitive. The patient may also experience a slight burning sensation. Light redness and flaking skin as well as localised blistering can appear after treatment but these disappear after a few days (4 – 7 days).