Leg veins

Sclerotherapy is a procedure which involves injecting into the blood vessel wall a solution, which acts as an irritant. This operation cause a type of coagulation, which then permanently seals the blood vessel. The solution is most effective in a very high concentration at the point of entry. After treatment, it is then diluted in the bloodstream and eliminated in the urine.

Our prices

(an estimate is provided following a medical aesthetic consultation).

CHF 300 per session.

Approximately three sessions are required over a period of four weeks.

Sclerotherapy for aesthetic purposes is not covered under medical insurance.
All accounts should be settled on the day of treatment by credit card or cash.
*Medical aesthetic consultation CHF 120

Precautionary measures regarding sclerotherapy treatment

Advise the practitioner of any known allergies.
Pregnancy is contra-indicated for this treatment.

After each session, a compression bandage should be worn during the day for three to four days. Avoid exposure to the sun during and after treatment.

Side effects

A rash or bruising can appear after treatment but subside within a few days (7- 10 days)