Anti-cellulite treatment and firming by VelaShape II

VelaShape II defines, refines and firms the silhouette by reducing cellulite and the thickness of the treated areas.

The VelaShape II uses a unique technology called elõs, which combines a hyperthermic effect (two heat sources: infrared and radiofrequency) with innovative processes of vacuum and mechanical manipulation of adipose tissue.

Infrared energy and bipolar radiofrequency work together to provide dermal and sub-dermal heating. This is intended to stimulate blood circulation and fibroblast activity, increase the metabolism of fat cells and improve the skin texture.

Vaccuum and massage by mechanical effect increase blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This is to facilitate the fibroblast activity, reduce the viscosity of fatty tissue clusters, increase vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen and nutrients, and help target the increase in skin temperature at different depths.

Treatment is generally painless and no side effects on health have been reported in the short or long term. Safe and clinically tested, the VelaShape II requires no recovery time for the patient and does not cause any discomfort.

Our Prices

45 min session: CHF 200

-20% on subscriptions for 10 sessions and over