Cryolipolysis: Silice Evolution

This technique, which consists in destroying fat by cold, was initially developed by Harvard researchers after 12 years of work, and safely targets localised excess fat (belly, love handles, back pads, horse breeches, inner thighs), without surgery and without pain.

SILICE EVOLUTION is the device that shows its effectiveness after only ONE SESSION.The fat mass is approximately reduced by 30%. A total of 3 sessions per zone can be carried if the reduction is not satisfactory.

It is a new non-invasive procedure which, thanks to a controlled thermal shock, can gently and effectively reduce adiposity, localised fat by about 25 to 40%.

It is this thermal shock and the cold applied that will trigger the process of apoptosis and self-destruction of fat cells and their elimination by the body. Lasting visible and natural results are obtained in the treated areas.

This treatment is carried out using specific devices providing some or all of the following functions:

- A “membrane” is first applied. It is a specific cellulose-based nonwoven wipe. It is soaked in components to protect the skin from contact with Peltier effect plates and to facilitate apoptosis (Hyaluronidase)

- Then there is aspiration of the fatty pad.

- The thermal shock is carried out by lowering the temperature or alternating hot and cold for about an hour. Going through short phases of heat has the triple advantage: to accelerate the results, to remove the pain, to avoid the massage of a "frozen sausage" at the end of the session.

- Massages by machine are performed by modulating the suction of the fatty pad and the vacuum created throughout the session.

- Finally, LED radiation is applied throughout the session, in the red and in the green according to the phases of the process to promote circulation and drainage or to avoid inflammation of the treated area.

Main characteristics:

• Non-invasive method (no surgery, no trauma, no needles or cannula).

• No pain, no anaesthesia other than that provided by the cold temperature (a slight pain may appear after the session due to the warming of the cooled area).

• No disruption in social life, no interruption of the professional activity.

• Session of approximately 1 hour to be renewed once or twice after one to two months.

First visible results from 4 to 6 weeks and continuing for 3 to 6 months.

Our Prices

   500CHF per session