Anti-cellulite treatment and firming

Venus Legacy, a painless, non-invasive treatment option to reshape the body and firm the skin of the neck and body.

The Venus Legacy device sends a multipolar radio frequency via pulsed magnetotherapy, producing dense and homogeneous heat. This method results in the synthesis and contraction of collagen, the proliferation of fibroblasts, the formation of new capillaries and fat loss. Both radiofrequency and pulsed magnetotherapy have been used for years in medicine and are proven, safe and effective technologies.

Venus Legacy therefore provides non-invasive and painless treatments with no unwanted side effects. The treatment of an area takes just under 30 minutes.

Four different applicators for optimal effectiveness.

Venus Legacy offers two applicators for the neck and small areas. The Lift applicator stimulates blood circulation, it firms small areas such as the neck, arms or fatty deposits in the bra area. The DiamondPolar applicator allows exceptional placement of electrodes on hard-to-reach areas during treatment.

The body can be treated using the two Sculpt and OctiPolar applicators. The Sculpt releases the heat in depth, targeting the reshaping and reduction of cellulite in the different depths of the cutaneous tissue. The two applicators have a large treatment surface, which guarantees a quick session, an even distribution of heat and high therapeutic temperatures, for excellent clinical result.


Our Prices

1 session from CHF 200

-10% on subscriptions for 8 sessions and over